Plan Your Summertime Wedding Now!

If your summer celebration is only a few months away, don’t sweat it. Here are four finishing touches guaranteed to make your wedding awesome for both you and your guests.

Tip 1: Cool Down the Crowd

Having your wedding outdoors in the height of summer is a no-brainer—it’s sunny and gorgeous! But the lushness of June, July or August won’t look quite so pretty to your guests if they’re absolutely sweltering. Provide parasols, fans, large patio umbrellas or even cool towels for the ceremony. Pair fans with your ceremony programs or create program fans that work double-duty. You’ll look like you thought of everything (because you did), and you won’t be worried about rushing through your vows due to heat. Plus, keep the parasols around for the wedding party photos—they make a cute accessory.

Tip 2: Offer Refreshing Drinks
Consider offering guests a refreshing drink to sip on before the ceremony begins (and don’t overthink it—iced teas and freshly squeezed juice over ice will do the trick). At the reception, you can serve chilly treats, like mini milk shakes, smoothies, snow cones, fresh-fruit ice pops or anything that fits your menu and theme. Don’t forget to mention your ideas to your caterer so they have time to prep and serve.

Tip 3: Curb Dance Fever
The best part of any reception? The dance party, of course. It’s no use pretending it won’t get hot and humid on the dance floor, so plan ahead to keep your guests’ temperatures under control. Along with lots of cool drinks, keep chilled washcloths on hand for a quick cool-down your guests will appreciate. Purchase enough small cloths for your attendees (plus a few more, to be safe) and notify the venue that you’d like the servers to pass them out at the party. If you’re not having servers, ask to place piles of napkins around the reception space so guests have easy access to heat relief.

Tip 4: Fortify Against Bugs
Nobody likes a wedding crasher, and the worst offenders are mosquitos. If there’s even a chance your venue could get buggy, you’ll want to have a game plan, especially as the sun begins to set, which is when mosquitos and insects are at their worst. Stock up and add bug spray to hospitality baskets for guests at the venue. Light citronella candles or even tiki torches if there’s space and your venue will allow it. Your guests will thank you when you send them home with favors—not bites.

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