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Naples Party Rental is based out of Naples, FL, so we are very familiar with the Naples area. We know and have worked with all of the best venues within Naples. We understand what it takes to host a successful event in this area. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party or having a wedding, we are more than qualified to make that event one to remember. Within Naples, there are many venues, we can advise you where the best place to host your event is based on what you are trying to do. We provide many different services to make your event a success.


  • Table Rental All Event Party Rental offers a wide assortment of dining tables for any event size or occasion. The table you choose depends on the layout of the venue, we would love to help you choose the right table for your event.
  • Table Linens All Event Party Rental has a magnificent line of linens to match the most discriminating tastes, including table linens, napkins and skirting. We have a large selection to choose from, so you can be sure that you will find a table linen that you are happy with.
  • Chair Rental All Event Party Rental offers an array of chairs suited for your particular special event. Choosing the right chair for your event may seem like an easy task, but there are actually a lot of variables that go into it. We have a wide selection of chairs to choose from to make the decision process easier.
  • Tent Rental We visit your site and help you decide on size of tent and the location where the tent could be placed on the property. After the initial “site survey” we produce a color printout showing placement of tent, tables, dance floor and lighting.
  • Canopy Rental A canopy is a great choice to provide your event with shade, and it can also protect the event from light rain. Canopies can only be installed on grassy areas. They cannot have lighting, because there is not a frame inside canopies.

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Naples Party Rental has many years of experience in the party rental industry. Especially in the Naples area, we know all the ins an outs of Naples to make your event successful. Hosting a party or wedding is not an easy process, but if you can make sure that all the equipment is taken care of, it makes it a lot easier. So contact us the next time you plan on hosting an event in the Naples area.

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Phone: (239) 315-2693
Hours: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM