Tips for Throwing a New Year’s Eve Party on a Budget

One of the most memorable holidays in the wintertime is New Year’s. if you are planning a New Year’s Eve party and you have a small budget, you can still throw a great party. Below are tips that you can use for throwing a New Year’s Eve party on a budget.

Food and Drink

Ask People to Bring Appetizers

Call up the people that you have invited and ask them to bring appetizers to share. But if you have someone who doesn’t have the time or can’t cook, you can always have them bring veggies and dip, a nut and fruit plate or crackers and cheese. If they say that they don’t have time for that, you can always ask them to bring some nuts and provide them with a bowl.

Have Champagne Sangria to Drink at Midnight

This is a delicious and easy way that you can cut down on the costs of champagne that everyone’s going to love. To make this delicious drink, simply use the ingredients and instructions below.


· 32 ounce bottle apple juice

· 12 ounce can of frozen cranberry from concentrate

· 1 cup orange juice

· 1 ½ liter champagne (ginger ale if you’re having a dry party.


1. Keep everything frozen or chilled until you’re ready to use them

2. Combine your cranberry juice, orange juice and apple juice in a big bowl and stir it well

3. Add kiwi slices, orange slices and other kinds of fruit you want.

4. Add you ginger ale or champagne slowly right before serving so it stays bubbly

This recipe will serve 12 people, but it’s going to go fast, so you want to double it up because everyone will love it!

Have a Supper at Midnight

Once you toast midnight, you want to close down your bar and invite your guests to have some delicious food. One of the easiest things that you can do is to hav another bar – of baked potatoes! This is fun, easy and not expensive. Bake some huge baked potatoes and follow it with dessert.

Place your potatoes into your oven around 10:30 at 400. These potatoes should be done in around an hour or so.
Set out a lot of toppings. Some good ones are bacon bits, salsa, jalapenos, sour cream, butter, chili, mushrooms, chives, shredded cheese, steamed broccoli and anything else you can imagine.  Allow people to make their own creations.

Dessert can be chocolate cake with icing and some sprinkles. You can serve with some hot fudge and ice cream if you want. Make sure that you have plenty of coffee for your guests’ drive home.

This menu costs around $2 or $3 per person, and this isn’t bad. If you’d like to spend some more money, cheesecake is another good choice.

Keep in Mind, Timing’s Everything

Since you’re going to want to keep your party hopping until at least midnight, think about beginning around 10. But if you’d like to begin a lot earlier, you can always have your potatoes earlier so that people aren’t hungry.

If you are going to have your party for a lot longer, you can always shave a potluck meal earlier. If this is the case, appetizers aren’t necessary, but you want to still have potatoes later.

Fun and Games

Ask Your Guest to Bring Unusual Noisemakers

You can use these to have a contest for the craziest noisemaker. Don’t forget to short some video. Replay each of them using their noisemaker and then vote for the winner. Make sure that you have a prize for the person who wins. If you have kids and adults at your party, don’t forget to have one for each group. Then when it hits midnight, have everyone use their noisemakers to go crazy.

Have a Photographer

Ask someone to take the official party pictures before as well as after the party, or you can do it yourself. As your guests arrive, invite the guests to pose with one of them sitting and one of them standing next to their chair. After midnight, have some more pictures taken with the guests showing their noisemakers off. Then post the pictures online.

Ask Your Guests to Write Down New Year Predictions

Have them sign the predictions and then put them into a box or bowl. Then, while you’re eating your late dinner, take some turns read them. Have everyone guess who made the predictions. It often can be hard to guess predictions of friends and it’s a fun way that you can wrap up your party.

Decorations and Atmosphere

Hang Paper Snowflakes UP

Snowflakes in different sizes, accented with clear or silver glitter or even plain, will look great hanging from different ribbon lengths to create a very festive effect. You even can put some over your table to create easy décor. If you put glitter on them, remember that a little goes a long way.

Hang Curled Ribbon for Iconic Décor

It’s very easy to curl ribbon, but it’s going to look great. Try finding wider ribbon, around ½ inch thick. This can be hung from doorways, mantels, lamps, and even mirrors. You can even scatter some curls in between your dishes on the buffet table.

Use Glittered and Metallic Christmas Ornaments

Glittery ornaments will look great in a glass bowl for your centerpiece. It’s also a good idea to hang some plain Christmas balls from your light fixture using different ribbon lengths in the colors of your theme. They’ll also look festive hung in front of mirrors.

Put Out Lots of Candles

Put out a lot of candles throughout the house and think about buying some cheap votives which you can put into canning jars, glasses, or, for something different, apples!

It’s also possible to find inexpensive holders for votives in dollar stores. These can be frosted simply by using Epsom salts and glue. Mix regular white glue and water (3 parts of glue and 1 part of water) and paint this mixture on your votive holder’s side. Then you can roll this in Epsom salts. When this is dry, you have a frosted sparkling votive holder. These can be placed anywhere you’d like some glamor. They’re going to look really nice in front of or on top of mirrors.


These are the things that you can do to help you host a great New Year’s Party even on a budget. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great party and to help your guests have a great time. Use these tips and you’ll discover that everyone is having a wonderful time!