6 Tips for Surviving a Rainy Wedding

One of the things that brides dread is rain on their wedding. But if you know what you’re going to do if it happens, then you can rest a lot easier. Below are six tips you can use to make a rainy day wedding a bit easier.

1. Be Prepared

Even though every bride wants their wedding to be perfect, sometimes things happen. If you are prepared for the worst-case scenario, chances are that you’ll be panicking a lot less if it does rain.

2. Tent Rental

It’s a good idea to have a back-up plan for your venue. If you’re having an outside wedding, you should talk to the venue to find out if there’s a plan in place if it rains and if there’s any extra cost associated with it. If there’s no plan B built in, you should make arrangements with a tent rental place so that if it looks like it’s going to rain that you have another option.

3. Photography

Speak with your photographer and ask if they’ve ever taken pictures of a wedding when it’s raining? Do they have any ideas on how it can be more exciting, fun and unique? What will their plan be if it rains? Are they still going to come and stay the whole night? You want to know these things ahead of time.

4. Cooler Temperatures & Wind

With rain, sometimes you have cooler temperatures and wind. You might want to find out if your vendors can bring in tent walls and portable heaters. If they don’t supply them, you should find a vendor that has them before your wedding day. you also should have a shrug, jacket, or bolero to keep you warm.

5. Remember What’s Positive

There are a lot of great things when it rains on a wedding day. It’s thought to be good luck for your marriage’s future, so think of it as a good omen. Another positive is that cloudy and rainy days make great lighting when it comes to your pictures. A third thing is that taking pictures in the rain can be fun and some of the most beautiful pictures of brides and grooms.

6. Be decisive

You shouldn’t be afraid to make a decision. Choose a time that’s way before your ceremony when you’re going to decide if you should go ahead as you have planned or you should go with your alternative plan. You shouldn’t take a long time to think of your options. That should be done already. After you’ve made the decision, you can’t go back. If you already have started your other plan and the rain begins letting up, keep going forward. When you muddle your plans that are already complicated it will just cause you anxiety and confusion.

When you’re planning your wedding, remember these tips that you can use if it rains. It will make you feel less anxious.

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