Informal vs Formal Events – 3 Things to Consider

A lot of thought goes into planning an event, whether it’s a party for yourself or for your company. There are a lot of things that you have to consider. When you are planning an event, one of the things you’ll have to do is to figure out the kind of event you’re going to hold. Is the event going to be formal or informal? For the majority of events, including most parties and weddings, you’ll have the option of making it informal or formal based on your event theme and preference. But first you have to figure out what the difference is between the two. What’s required for hosting as well as planning these types of events?

When you have a formal event, it’s usually connected to a ceremony. People come dressed in clothing that is formal with a certain protocol. Usually these types of events have a specific guest list.

When you have an informal event, usually it doesn’t adhere to event protocols and a formal dress code. They’re flexible and they’ll incorporate a lot of elements without a lot of attention to whether they’ll be acceptable or not.

Because they tend to be strict, a lot of people usually associate professionally planning events with a formal event. But event planning is also important to an informal event, since even informal events require enough preparation so they’re successful.

1. Timing

Informal and formal events will be held at times and on days that are different. Most of the formal events, such as executive conferences, dinner parties, and exhibitions are going to be held on the weekdays. Informal ones are usually held on weekends. But this is often the opposite when it comes to weddings, which are held on the weekend.

2. Dress Code

This is the biggest thing when it comes to the difference in the type of event. When it’s formal, men should wear suits, tuxes, blazers, formal shoes, and bow ties. Women are expected to wear formal dresses, lady’s suits, and gowns. When the event is informal, there really is no type of dress code. If you want guests to follow a certain dress code for an informal event, you can give them a guideline in the invitation or the announcement, like business casual, smart casual, etc.

3. Entertainment

The type of music will significantly dictate an event’s ambiance. If you’re having a formal dinner party for work, chances are that you’ll have soft music such as jazz playing in the background. If you’re having a conference, you may not need any type of music. Informal events will often have music such as electro, dance, house, and rock so that people can get up and dance.

Due to the big differences in between these kinds of events, you should adjust your planning process based on your event. You should also ensure that everything’s ready to go 24 to 36 hours before your event no matter if it’s formal or informal.

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