10 Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Party

Are you planning a party? Whether it’s a party for your business, a wedding shower, a birthday party, or another type of party, you want everyone to have a good time and remember it. Below are ten tips that you can use to make sure everyone has a great time at your party and that they remember it for many years to come.

1. Carefully Select a Date & Time

Consider the lifestyles and schedules of the guests you’re inviting so that more people are able to attend. Of course, if it’s for a special occasion, such as a holiday or a milestone birthday or someone’s wedding shower, that will have to be taken into consideration as well. It’s a good idea to choose far ahead of time and send out save the date letters so people know.

2. Choose the Ideal Venue

Figure out how large a party you want it to be and the kind of atmosphere will be best suited for the occasion. When you have a venue that is slightly smaller, it will promote mingling, but a venue that is more spacious will be better for a more formal business event. Be sure it will fit your budget and that it’s available for the dates and times that you are considering. Search for your venue based on them having a staff for party planning and the amenities so that your event is unforgettable.

3. Create a Guest List That’s Diverse

Invite people who have diverse backgrounds. This will lead to conversations that are more exciting and will help with improving your atmosphere.

4. Send Out Unique Invitations

Memorable events start with memorable invitations. Add some kind of element that will show that you’ve put thought into your invites. Include a handwritten personal note for each of your guests, or have your invitations delivered in creative wrappers that aren’t just emails or plain envelopes.

5. Confirm Your Details

Make sure you’re taking time and contacting and confirming with your vendors that are involved a minimum of two days prior to your party. This will provide you with some peace in your mind and lets you know if there are any problems.

6. Select the Ideal Music

Decide if you want a band, background music, or a DJ. Consider your venue when you are choosing this music, so choose one where you are going to have the most choice in the style and type of music that is played. Choose a venue offering volume control that is zoned. That means your guests can sit and talk with one another or they can dance to their heart’s contentment.

7. Be Careful With Choosing Drinks and Food

Base the menu on your kind of party and when it’s being held. The hors d’oeuvres that you choose should be simple for your guests to enjoy while they stand and talk. Remember any types of dietary restrictions, and offer a vegetarian dish. Offer some sort of signature drink and also provide a choice of non-alcoholic drinks for those who are under age or who don’t want to drink.

8. Have a Great Focal Point

One thing that any great party will have is a minimum of one wonderful conversation piece. It could be a beautiful ice sculpture or unique party decorations – either way it’s going to be something that people will talk about while the party is happening and for a long while afterward. You can also have an activity that happens during the party. You can have them record messages or write something on a plate or banner for the special guest.

9. Select Your Theme

Good parties always have themes that go through their beverages and foods to the music and décor. This theme should complement the party’s occasion and make a lot of sense to your guests.

10. Be Sure to Follow Up

Make sure you’re sending out notes to guests and thanking them. You can send out emails that includes a link to souvenirs or party photos. Even though some hosts don’t follow up after their parties, it’s something that can make your party unforgettable.

If it’s your goal to have a truly successful and unforgettable party, you want to make sure you’re planning ahead and thinking everything through. A hospitality team and professional venue can help with some great tips for event planning, but the choices you make is what will make it truly special for everyone. Use these tips and you’ll have an unforgettable party.

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