6 Benefits of Renting China, Flatware, and Glasses for a Party

Are you having a party? If so, have you thought about whether or not you have everything that you need for everyone who is coming? If you haven’t considered this and you’re not sure if you will have enough, you might want to consider renting your plates and other items. Below are six advantages of renting the items that you need for your party.

It’s Affordable to Rent

If you don’t have ample glasses or plates, or even serving spoons, generally it’s more affordable to rent the items rather than buying it all new.

Depending on where you get them, the day rate, which really is three days begins at just $.40 for a basic plate. Stemware costs anywhere from $.45 to $1 and up depending on what you’re renting, and flatware usually runs $.35 – $.75 for each piece. You’re going to pay anywhere from $5 – $10 for each place setting based on how fancy the items are that you choose.

Depending on where you shop, it’s also possible to get things for similar prices. However, the problem with that is that you’ll have to find places to store it. Unless you’re going to host dinner parties on a regular basis, it’s a better choice to rent the items rather than buy them.

Renting is Your One-Stop Solution

Even though most people probably want to rent things like stemware, flatware and plates, companies who rent these also rent a lot of things that complement what you need. You can rent things like chairs and tables to condiment holders. If you need some more platters, you can rent them too. Serving spoons also can be rented. So list the things that you need and then cross the things off of the list that you already have. Chances are that there is a company who can rent the things that you lack.

They Have Elegant Options

Even though there are companies who only offer a presentation that is basic, there are also a lot who give you elegant options. If you are looking for a way that you can have an elegant setting and you want your table to look extra special, renting is the way to go.

They Will Deliver

Even though it’s going to be a little more, the fact that a rental company will often deliver is going to make it worth it. Sometimes they will deliver for free based on the amount of your order. They will bring the items to you the day before, then the next day they will come and pick everything up.

It Cuts Down on Your Cleaning Time

Even if you’re really good at cleaning as you go, when the night ends you’re going to have a lot of dishes to deal with. Even if you have a dishwasher, chances are that you won’t have enough room in it for all of them.

But if you rent, you’re able to simply scrape the food from the plates or empty out the glasses into your sink, then return the things that you have rented back to their crate. You don’t have to wash them. The company takes care of that!

Everything will Match

When you are having a big party, chances are that you may not have enough dishes and silverware for everyone who is coming. So sometimes you have to have a variety of dishes, glasses or flatware. With renting, though, everything is uniform and your table will look a lot better.

These are the six advantages of renting plates and flatware for your party. If you are looking for a way to help your table pop, renting your plates, glasses and flatware is the way to go!

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